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Thursday, July 28, 2016

14 Sales Stats That Should Scare You

It is a transformative time to be in sales. Recent research reveals that despite the explosion of sales tools, it is still challenging to achieve sales productivity and results. The average sales rep uses between 5-8 different tools every day, but having more tools hasn’t necessarily led to better results. It’s still difficult to onboard and ramp reps, forecasting is as hard as ever, reps don’t get to spend enough time with customers, managers don’t have the bandwidth to coach effectively, and marketers struggle to understand content effectiveness.

Below are 14 sales stats that you can use to benchmark whether you’re on the right track – or use as a call to action for your organization. I shared many of these stats at the Sales 2.0 Conference: San Francisco on July 19, 2016. Here’s a link to the presentation.

1.          60% of Sales Leaders find that lack of proper tools leads lengthens sales cycles (CSO Insights)
2.         58% of forecasted deals slip out of the quarter (CSO Insights)
3.         75% of deals in sales pipelines never close (Accenture)
4.         80% of CFOs don’t have high confidence in sales forecasts (ClearSlide)
5.         70% of sales reps don’t validate prospect interest during the sales cycle (CSO Insights)
6.         93% of organizations don’t track content used by sales reps (CSO Insights)
7.         Sales reps spend on average 440 hours per year searching for the right content (Aberdeen Group)
8.         55% of sales content is created by sales rather than marketing (CSO Insights)
9.         65% of content created by marketing for sellers never get used (Sirius Decisions)
10.       90% of B2B sellers don’t use sales content because it is irrelevant, outdated and difficult to customize (Forrester)
11.        Sales teams experience 22% annual turnover (Accenture Interactive)
12.       71% of Companies take 6 months or longer to ramp new sales reps to productivity (CSO Insights)
13.       65% of a salesperson’s time is spent on non-selling activities (CSO Insights)
14.       Only 20% of Sales Leaders time is spent helping their teams sell (CSO Insights)

In addition, Aragon Research just published a new report on Digital Selling that outlines how to leverage Sales Engagement Platforms for competitive advantage. You can download the report for free.

By: Michael Schultz, VP Marketing and Business Development

Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 2016 ClearSlide Product Highlights

We are pleased to share the latest product release updates from June. We appreciate the continued feedback and requests  as we innovate our Sales Engagement Platform.

  • Bookmark Templates. Keep track of templates by bookmarking them for easy access. Bookmark templates from the Template List, Template View, or Template Edit pages and access them from ClearSlide Compose Email or from the Gmail Plugin.  We will be adding bookmark support for the Outlook Plugin shortly. If you’d like this beta feature enabled in your environment, please contact your account manager or

  • Direct Link to Templates. Template owners can now share a direct link to templates, simply by copy/pasting the template URL.

  • User-set Time Zone Support. Reps working in different time-zones can now see ClearSlide View Alerts and other reports in their preferred time-zone by updating their time zone setting in My Account.

  • Unsubscribe API to Integrate ClearSlide Unsubscribe Data. The new unsubscribe API provides read, add and delete access to the email unsubscribe list maintained in ClearSlide. Utilize this API to sync the unsubscribe list in ClearSlide with your master unsubscribe list. Please contact your account manager or for more information.

  • Admin Approval of New Users. New option to give admins better visibility and control over how licenses are used. This setting requires all new users to be approved by the Admin.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.03.53 PM.png

  • Template Access in Gmail. Now easier to find recently used and bookmarked templates directly within Gmail. Click here to download the Gmail Plugin.

  • Advanced Gmail Setting: Download in Original Format. New setting to the Gmail plugin that gives senders the option to allow  viewers to downloaded content in their original file types (.PDF, .DOC, .PNG etc), rather than defaulting to PowerPoint (.PPT) files.

  • Enhancements to Auto-logging in Salesforce. In addition to recording the duration of a Live Pitch, ClearSlide auto-logging now also captures the amount of time viewers spend in an Email Pitch or a ClearSlide link. This engagement data is recorded in the Call Duration field and complements the existing data to provide a more comprehensive view of customer or prospect engagement across all communications channels. To have this feature enabled, please contact your account manager or

Please send ideas for future enhancements to

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sales Rep Turnover – Insights to stop the Bleeding

Sales organizations are experiencing at least 20% annual turnover, and according to Bridge Group research it raises to 34% if you include both voluntary and involuntary turnover. Factoring in the 6-9 month average it takes to onboard new reps, sales team retention is fast becoming a top issue for Sales Leaders.
ClearSlide CEO Dustin Grosse and VP of Marketing Michael Schultz discussed this topic in a recent Forbes article by regular contributor, Christine Comaford. Here are a couple of key insights from the article and  how a Sales Engagement Platform, like ClearSlide, can help to address the challenge of managing sales burnout.
Lack of coaches and mentors.
Salespeople are bound to hit a bumps in the road – if they don’t have the support and mentoring they need to succeed over the long term they will vote with their feet and head for the exit door. Sales Leaders must make support and development of millennial sellers a top priority, and recognize that continuous feedback is especially important for retention.
An integrated Sales Engagement Platform allows managers to identify activities of top performers and scale best practices. The detailed insight into a sales rep’s activity and results enables them to provide more timely and meaningful feedback on performance and tips for success.
No playbook to reference.
Salespeople need to ramp up rapidly, and they need clear playbooks to navigate prospects and an increasingly more complex and consultative selling process. Younger salespeople also need training and playbooks for selling into specific roles, departments, and industries – this type of fluency can make an immediate impact and prepare sellers for future growth.
With solutions like ClearSlide, sales reps can quickly access up-to-date and proven content and tools. Knowing what messages are likely to resonate can go a long way toward better understanding targets and their industries.
Check out the full Forbes article for more insights.

By: Michael Schultz, VP Marketing

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

ClearSlide Wins 2016 People's Choice Stevie® Award


We’re excited to announce that ClearSlide won the People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Business-to-Business Product at the 14th annual American Business Awards. The awards gala was held last night (June 20th) in New York City.

ClearSlide also received five awards in various categories that demonstrates our market leading position as the Sales Engagement Platform leader. ClearSlide’s mobile app won a Silver Stevie in the Business/Government category for enabling remote presentations and ClearSlide Mail received Silver recognition for optimizing sales productivity. For demonstrating continuous innovation over the last 12 months, ClearSlide received Bronze Stevie Awards for Company of the Year (Business Services), Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year (Up to 2,500 Employees), and ClearSlide Mail (Business-to-Business Products).

The Stevie American Business Awards are the premier business awards program in the U.S. More than 3,400 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were evaluated in this year's competition.

The complete list of Stevie winners are available at

To learn more, read the press release.

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